CD release “The Golden Violin – Music of the 20s”

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Today, violinist Daniel Röhn releases the recording of his new project “The Golden Violin – Music of the 20s” on the label “Berlin Classics”.

“The Golden Violin – Music of the 20s” is Daniel Röhn’s tribute to one of the most prolific cultural eras of recent history. Together the artist and the Württembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn under their principal conductor Case Scaglione bring the jerky flickering images and the high spirited, extravagant hurly-burly to musical life with romantic sounds from Rachmaninoff through the evergreens of Kurt Weill to the jazzy echoes of Gershwin.

“The first time I saw a movie by Charlie Chaplin…. “City lights”, I was caught completely off guard. The famous end scene where the tramp and the ower girl are reunited, was so over- whelmingly beautiful that I couldn’t sleep that night. The expression in the actors’ faces, the delicate gestures, Chaplin the tragic gure, and the exceptionally beautiful music played by a violinist, so masterfully tender, yet who remains nameless, confirmed what I had suspected since a long time: I was born a hundred years too late.

When I was 6 years old, I could just (if standing on tiptoes on a shoe box) reach Volume 1 of my father’s “Heifetz Collection”. And it was Volume 1 which contained the complete acoustic recordings from 1917-1924 full of heart-melting arrangements and popular tunes. The later volumes had the longer stuff, but I would need to grow another 30 centimetres to get into them. These LPs became the equivalent to a more ‘balanced’ child’s cookie jar. I pulled up my shoe box daily and bathed in the world of crackling re, smoke and velvet.

While the Roaring 20’s were a phenomenal bubble of creative explosion in the history of mankind, it is important to remember that this period of magical inventiveness sits between the two darkest and most destructive in modern history. From this we can remind ourselves… that the most colourful and beautiful owers spring out of a landscape burnt to a char, and…. that it is through art that man remembers his better self.” 

(Daniel Röhn)



  1. An American in Paris (Arr. By Jascha Heifetz, Stephen Buck)
  2. It Ain’t Necessarily So (Arr. By Jascha Heifetz, Stephen Buck)
  3. Tempo di Blues (Arr. By Jascha Heifetz, Stephen Buck)
  4. Suite from Metropolis (Arr. Stephen Buck)
  5. Moto Perpetuo, Op. 21, No. 4 (Arr. Dirk Beisse)
  6. The Ballad of Mack the Knife (Arr. By Jarkko Riihimäki)
  7. What Good Would the Moon Be? (Arr. By Jarkko Riihimäki)
  8. The Terry Theme [From Limelight] (Arr. By Jarkko Riihimäki)
  9. The Flower Shop [From City Lights] (Arr. By Jarkko Riihimäki)
  10. The Land go Might-Have-Been (Arr. By Stephen Buck)
  11. Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini, Op. 43: Variation XVII – Andante Cantabile (Arr. By Stephen Buck)
  12. Chant d’Amour, Op. 7, No. 1 (Arr. By Stephen Buck)
  13. Gweedore Brae (Arr. By Jarkko Riihimäki)
  14. Ich weiß nicht, zu wem ich gehöre (Arr. By Jarkko Riihimäki)
  15. When You Make Love to Me (Arr. By Stephen Buck)

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