After spending many years alone and silent, a clown is woken from a dream by the transcendent call of music. She is first lured into the sounds of the orchestra by the lone call of an oboe-bird. The clown embarks on a journey, guided by music, and meets several orchestral characters who show her true delight.

Her reverie is soon overshadowed when she finds herself trapped in a large cage. The bars are wide enough to let the birds escape, but she is left alone once more.

The music transforms. She is now shown the unbridled abuse of power and control. She is overcome by fear and her dream is turned into a nightmare. The darkness takes a suffocating hold over the musicians, and the clown is driven into frenzy and madness. Inspired and empowered by the possibilities of music, she rejects darkness, and awakens to the true beauty and possibilities of music.

“The Silence of Sound” is the story of a clown whose life is transformed when she discovers the beauty of music. This wonderful world has inherent dangers and coming face to face with them, overcoming them, will bring her to the brink of madness.


Debussy – Children’s Corner No. 5 “The Little Shepherd”
Bartók – Concerto for Orchestra Sz.116 Mov. II
Stravinsky – The Firebird Scene 1: The Firebird’s Dance
Debussy – La Mer L.109 Mov. I “De l’aube à midi sur la mer”
Debussy – Children’s Corner No. 2 “Jimbo’s Lullaby”
Weber-Berlioz – Invitation to the Dance (Excerpt)
MassenetSibelius – Meditation vs. Violin Concerto
Prokofiev – Symphony No. 1 in D Major Op. 25 Mov. I
Prokofiev – Symphony No. 5 in B Flat Major Op. 100 Mov. II
Ibarra – Las Antesalas del Sueño
Brahms – Symphony No. 3 in F Major Op. 90 Mov. III


Duration: 75 minutes without intermission

ALONDRA DE LA PARRA Orchestral Conductor and Producer

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