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Dorn Music announces Amanda Gorman & Jan Vogler at Carnegie Hall 

By October 19, 2023November 12th, 2023Uncategorized

New York, NY- February 17th, 2024 8pm

Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall

Dorn Music presents cellist Jan Vogler alongside celebrated poet and bestselling author Amanda Gorman in an evening that integrates Bach cello suites with spoken word poetry. Read by Gorman, an exciting dialogue of spoken word is combined with Voglers performance of the first, third, and fifth suites, sending a message of humanity and hope to audiences. 

Tickets start at $20.50 Get Tickets Here

In an evening of spoken word and music featuring the award-winning poetry of Ms. Gorman and the Cello Suites of J.S. Bach, offering a message of hope and humanity.

I grew up reading poetry, and have played the music of Bach for nearly my entire life, reveling for many years in the universal appeal of his captivating Cello Suites. To collaborate with Amanda and to see how her wonderful poems change my interpretation of Bachs music is a great joy. I cant wait to share the results of this extraordinary inspiration. Im looking forward to playing this program at Carnegie Hall and Im excited to see when we can bring the project to Europe.”, says Jan Vogler.

Like many people, Bachs music captures my heart and my imagination. To be in dialogue with it, and with Jan and his cello – a Stradivarius that was made around the time that Bach wrote this music – is to touch something timeless.”, says Amanda Gorman.

I am elated that Dorn Music will be bringing together these two incredible artists around the eternal music of Bach and Ms. Gormans contemporary poetry in this very special evening. We are so honored to be presenting Ms. Gorman in her Carnegie Hall debut and to be helping to bring this collaboration to life.”, says Tanja Dorn, President and CEO of presenter Dorn Music.


Poetry by Amanda Gorman

J. S. BACH Cello Suites

No. 1 in G Major

No. 5 in C Minor

No. 3 in C Major