Jan Lisiecki featured in the weekend edition of the New York Times

By August 15, 2021 August 20th, 2021 Uncategorized

“Jan Lisiecki Comes of Age With Chopin”, the article headlines.

Lisiecki is pictured at his home in Alberta in an Interview by J. S. Marcus.


He also talks about his new recording: “The nocturnes make me feel like I’m at home at night and I have an emotion I want to express; they’re pieces I play for myself.”

“If you forget about the structure, then you lose the logic of the piece, and then you lose the beauty.” he further says about his approach.


He shares insight about the difference between concerts and recordings, for instance: “To keep an audience invested in a perform- ance, that sort of slow tempo would be nearly impossible in a concert hall, where there are external factors, like hums or slight noises. Any small disturbance will break the spell, but in the studio I could keep that spell for much longer.”

You can listen to Jan Lisiecki’s new album here.