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Tamás Pálfalvi and Christian Schmitt – sold out recital debut at Elbphilharmonie

By May 4, 2018Uncategorized

Tamás Pálfalvi and Christian Schmitt perform their recital debut in the Main Hall of Elbphilharmonie
Monday, 7th May, 8 pm – Main Hall, Elbphilharmonie

Hungarian trumpeter Tamás Pálfalvi and organ virtuoso Christian Schmitt explore the contrasts of the trumpet-organ repertoire in the Main Hall of the Elbphilharmonie. Combining unbridled musical curiosity with a passion for discovering new works for their instruments, Pálfalvi and Schmitt are a dynamic and refreshing partnership. Baroque treasures are juxta-posed with the contemporary with works by Robert Erickson, Charles-Marie Widor and Petr Eben as well as Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Händel, Georg Philipp Telemann or Franz Liszt.

Quote Tamás Pálfalvi
“When I first listened in the Main Hall of the Elbphilharmonie, I was impressed by the architecture and acoustics and secretly hoped that one day I would perform here myself. It was faster than I had dared to hope, further more with such a great musician as Christian Schmitt, who has already worked with the greatest trumpeters of our time. We get along really well. When the first rehearsal started it felt like I was meeting an old friend again.I like the boundless colors of trumpet and organ.
With the selected repertoire I want to show the versatility of my instrument and take the audience on a journey of musical possibilities. For example, Robert Erickson’s “Kryl” for me is the craziest piece ever written for trumpet. Such an extreme playing technique the audience might not have experienced yet – Don’t get scared. Enescu’s “Légende”, actually a classic of the trumpet-piano literature, brings, in combination with the organ, a completely different and exciting atmosphere into the hall. I’m really looking forward to that!”